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Our proprietary technology instantly searches the offerings of over 30 of the nation's leading Ethernet, fiber and T1 service providers, to find the best service at the best price to meet your specific needs.


At T1 Failover Anywhere, it takes 60 seconds to find the best, most cost-effective T1 Failover service provider for your needs: Typical customer savings of 45%!

  • Free One-stop-shopping with 25+ affiliated T1 Failover service providers. 
  • We respond within 24 hours with choices of the best services and prices.  
  • You see which of our 25+ providers has  the best T1 Etherent services for your needs. 
  • The nation's  leading business broadband decision  service. Over 12,380 companies assisted. 
  • Submit our 60 second T1 Failover Fast Telecom Savings Form, and our experts respond with options for you within 24 hours. 

What happens when I submit the T1 Failover Anywhere Fast Savings Form?

  • Within 24 hours, experts from the Speed Anywhere Group with decades of experience(and our partner at T1 Failover Anywhere) will analyze your request, contact you, and recommend one or more providers that can offer the best, cost-effective T1 service that meets your T1 needs.
  • To ensure you have the best possible T1 service options, in-house experts at four additional providers, Speakeasy, Megapath, Paetec, and New Edge Networks, also analyze your request.
  • These experts will contact you within 24 hours, as well,  if they offer services that meet your needs.
  • You benefits from the best of both worlds:
  • You receive both detailed analysis from experts at the Speed Anywhere Group, with decades of experience using prorprietary tools, comparing options across 25+ affiliated T1 service providers.
  • Additional in-house analysis from several providers to ensure no better options meet your needs.
  • We do not know of any other T1 information service that blends expert and direct, in-house competition among carriers to ensure you receive the best options and the most sophisticated analysis.

What Types of Broadband Servies are available through T1 Failover Anywhere?

Once you submit our short information request form, our affiliated providers will consider your for all of the services they offer.   These include:

  • Standard T1 service,
  • T1 service with integrated voice and data
  • T1 service providing voice channels only,
  • Managed secure VPN's for branch offices.
  • MPLS services, including VPN's
  • High capacity Fast and Gigabit Business Ethernet ,
  • Business DSL,
  • Bonded T1's for greater capacity ,
  • T3's as well as partial T3's,
  • Partial or fractional T1's,
  • VOIP with appropriate Internet bandwidth ,
  • Virtual and actual PBX services,
  • Managed, low-cost network security services, 
  • Failover, Redundacny, BGP, and other services to ensure business continuity,
  • Innovative unified communications services,
  • Plus many more innovative offerings.

How does the T1 Failover Anywhere Service Benefit My Business?

In almost all cases, by finding the best bradband solutions for your needs, our T1 Failover Anywhere service saves businesses money and enhances the telecommunications services they receive. In short,  T1 Failover Anywhere will lower your costs and improve the data and voice services available to power your business: 

  • In these difficult economic times, telecommunications providers are offering advanced voice and data services at highly affordable prices in order to compete for your business. 
  • We have chosen our T1 Failover providers because of the mix of  cost effective services and business enhancing services they offer. 
  • Our providers know they are competing for your business and price accordingly . 
  • New lower-cost voice, high capacity data and secure communications services seem to be reaching the market daily. 
  • Voice services delivered through T1 Internet lines are typically far lower cost  than comparable, traditional business telephone rates. 
  • The prices for  broadband T1 services continue to drop.
Client Savings Examples: 


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About T1 Failover Anywhere and The Industry We Founded: 

  • In 1998, T1 Anywhere was created,  and invented the now familiar business of online T1  shopping comparison services.   
  • To date,  we have helped over 12,380 businesses, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to nonprofits of all sizes, meet their broadband service needs. 
  • T1 Failover Anywhere is part of the Speed Anywhere, Inc. family of services. The company was founded by Bruce Judson, who remains President, and is widely recognized  as one of the nation's leading experts on using the Web to enhance your business. 
  • Judson has been profiled in  Entrepreneur magazine, The Wall Street Journal , and other publications,  and is the bestselling author of several books on internet marketing, entrepreneurship and strategy .


T1 Service Providers 
T1 Service Recent Quotes
Selected Recent Price Quotes Nationwide (No Install Fees, Router Included)
San Leandro, CA: Ethernet 2.0 Mbps, $232 per month

Tyler, TX: T1 (data, voice 24 lines), $762 per month

Covina, CA: T1 (data, 4 voice lines), $318 per month

San Francisco, CA: Ethernet 3 Mbps (EOC), $519 per month

Loves Park, IL: Ethernet 100 Mbps (fiber), $2,735 per month

Miami, FL: T1 (data, voice 3 lines), $375 per month

Dublin, Ohio: MetroE 10 Mbps (fiber), $975 per month

Grass Lakes, MI: T1 (data only), $397 per month

San Francisco, CA: Bonded T1 (data only), $489 per month

San Diego, CA: Ethernet 10 Mbps (fiber), $971 per month

Benton, KY: Ethernet 30 Mbps (fiber), $3,500 per month

St. Louis, MO: T1 (data, voice 8 lines), $400 per month

Orange, CA: Ethernet 10 Mbps (EOC), $720 per month

Hillsborough, NC: T1 (data only), $280 per month

Wichita, KS: Ethernet 200 Mbps (fiber), $1,400 per month

Chicago, IL: Ethernet 3 Mbps (EOC), $292 per month

Dublin, CA: T1 (data only), $296 per month

Atlanta, GA: T1 (data, voice 6 lines), $371 per month

Calvert City, KY: Ethernet 10 Mbps (fiber), $1,025 per month

Boise, ID: T1 (data, voice 6 lines) $321 per month


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